Good night all! 

ShahKisses to everyone!


Don’t forget to support our guys tomorrow!! 

Kolkata Knight Riders Vs. Pune Warriors India.


Don’t miss the game:

I remember one of my ex-friends (yeah) said that SRK looked like Scar from Lion King. 


I was so freaking angry that she made that comparison, and she was always comparing him to people (ugly people) just to make me angry. And now that we’re not friends anymore I can express what I wanted to do to her when she made her stupid comments about my Shahrukh. 

PS: Our friendship did not break because of that! LOL.

Tum the ke tha koi phool khila

Tum the ke mila tha mujhe naya jahaan


Don vs Vardhaan .. Last Fight

Na hai yeh pana…Na khona hi hai…Tera na hona, jaane…Kyun hona hi hai…Tum se hi din hota hai, surmayi shaam aati hai, tum se hi, tum se hi…Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tum se hi tum se hi…